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This Library Proves That One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, and boy, is this true. It’s all about perspective here and wanting what you’ve got, or at least considering who may long for what you already have. This frame of mind was exactly what a few Turkish sanitation men had.
In the Cankaya district of Ankara, a local group of garbage men were consistently coming across good books discarded on the street. When local townspeople didn’t want them, they’d simply throw them out. This went on for months where the men would gather up the once-doomed works of literature from every genre. Soon enough, the locals got word and would donate them right to the men.


Turkish library

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This ever-growing collection was initially meant for the workers and their families, but it has now expanded to the rest of the community. “We started to discuss the idea of creating a library from these books. And when everyone supported it, this project happened,” said Mayor Alper Tasdelen to CNN.


The library opened up back in September and now has well over 6,000 books! From children’s lit and comics to books about scientific research, this library has everything you could need…even for the traveling tourist who requires a bilingual read.


Old book library

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What was once an abandoned brick factory is now home to these gorgeous books that were given a second chance. Everyone now gets the opportunity to take out books on a two-week period with possible extension if needed. Their loans even travel through the education and prison system for those with limited access to reading material. “Village school teachers from all over Turkey are requesting books,” said Tasdelen. Due to popularity, there is now a full-time employee there to manage all these books.


It’s pretty wonderful how these books that were once due for the landfill are now bringing people together. I suppose that’s the magic of second chances.


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