Jon Snow and George R.R. Martin

This Jon Snow and George R.R. Martin Meme Is a Fake


You might have missed this, but Jon Snow looks a little like George R.R. Martin when he was young. A meme that appears to show a yearbook photo of George R.R. Martin next to Jon Snow is parading around as if it’s the real deal. But it’s not.



As Insider has uncovered, the meme seems to be a doctored version of a real photo of Martin. Martin has previously shared pictures of himself as a young man, so it’s not out of the question that a dedicated fan took one of these photos and edited it to make it appear that it came from Martin’s high school yearbook.



Insider notes that, upon a Google reverse-image search, there were no results showing similar photos of Martin’s yearbook photo. Thus, as Sherlock Holmes might deduce, it appears the meme is fake.


If you find yourself confused as to why an individual would doctor a real image of a young Martin into a fake one, the answer is simple: it was done for the meme glory.




Though the yearbook image of Martin may be a fake, the comparison is not without merit. Jon Snow does look a little like George R.R. Martin as a young man. Honestly, though, they don’t look that similar.


Feature image courtesy of Twitter.