Stephen King

This is Why We Think Stephen King is the King of Twitter

In addition to being a hugely successful author, Stephen King is also well-known for some of his hilarious trolls on Twitter. However, not all of us were able to appreciate his hilarity, notably President Trump, who had ruthlessly blocked King on Twitter, leaving the author within an ‘existential wasteland of Trumplessness.’


As one of our favorite authors, we feel it is necessary to spread the joy. Among the 800+ tweets he has typed up, here are some of the funniest. For more, you can follow him on Twitter here.


If you’re not a fan of bagpipe sounds…

On the Hunger Games

Perhaps the ultimate insult to Sean Spicer.

On the release of Taken 3

NOBODY touches his waffles.

A golden tip for aspiring writers.

A true fact.

Our reaction exactly!

Unless you want to get arrested…

On the malicious nature of autocorrect

To conclude, a note to Justin Bieber.


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