Feature image courtesy of the Huffington Post.

This is What J.K. Rowling Does to Pass Time

Even as the world’s richest author in the world, J.K. Rowling could not escape from the temptation of life simulation computer games. On Twitter today, she accidentally revealed that she is a fan of the Sims through a photo post of her “glitchy old laptop.”

If you look carefully at the top right hand corner of the second photo, you’ll see the green diamond-shaped Sims 4 logo perched on her dock next to the Origins game launcher. An eager-eyed fan spotted this and responded to her tweet and one even cited the spell needed to repair her broken laptop.

Subsequently, other twitter users followed up with humorous tweets that only players of the video game will understand.


The Sims, developed by EA Maxis and published through Electronic Arts, is the best-selling video games of all times. Its selling-point is that it allows users to create lifelike figures and manage their day-to-day living through a God-like perspective.


For further update on the fate of Rowling’s broken laptop, follow her twitter here.


Feature image courtesy of the Huffington Post.