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‘This Is Us’ Returns with Epic ‘Game of Thrones’ References

Franchises often compete to host the “most ambitious crossover ever.” This Is Us just won.

The show made its return on Tuesday and picks up after the revelation that Jack’s brother is still alive. Kevin resumes his search for Uncle Nicky and heads off to the Department of Veteran Affairs to dig up any records. He fails to provide the necessary documentation to prove his kinship but tries using a Game of Thrones reference as a substitute.



this is us uncle nicky

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“How about nephew? Nephew’s a big deal now. Right? Think of Game of Thrones. Joffrey was next of kin to the super handsome fit, blonde uncle guy.”

The VA clerk instantly responds,

“Jaime was never in line for the throne. Joffrey ascended after his adoptive father Robert Baratheon died.”

The VA clerk then informs Kevin that a legally proven relative will be needed to authorize the release of Nicky’s records. He eventually accomplishes his mission by the end of the episode.

Though only a quick reference to the popular show, this certainly qualifies as the first big crossover event of 2019.





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