Book graphic between two treble clefs.

This is the Perfect Book Lover’s Playlist

These songs about books, stories, words, and basically all things literary are perfect for you book fiends. Some are poppy, some are artsy. Some are slow, some are fiery. We’ve got deep cuts, and radio jams. We’ve got it all, now give this playlist a listen!


1. “The Book Of Love,” The Monotones


2. “Ramble On,” Led Zeppelin



Do you hear those “Lord of the Rings” shout-outs? Believe it or not, this was Gollum’s debut in the pop music world (as far as we know).


3. “Here’s Where The Story Ends,” The Sundays



4. “When I Write The Book,” Rockpile



5. “The Murder Mystery,” The Velvet Underground



6. “White Rabbit,” Jefferson Airplane


Oh, how this song has changed a generation’s impression of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland. It takes on a darker hue when Jefferson Airplane is the soundtrack.


7. “Tell Me A Tale,” Michael Kiwanuka


It sounds like Otis Redding, but, no, it’s Michael Kiwanuka, who’s song “Love & Hate” is the theme for “Big Little Lies.”


8. “Librarian,” My Morning Jacket


9. “Bookends Theme,” Simon & Garfunkel


10. “The Book Of Love,” The Magnetic Fields


One more book of love for the lovers out there… Now go show some love to your bookshelf!


Feature image courtesy of NPR