This is the Best Spell in the Harry Potter Series

The world of Harry Potter is full of magical spells – after all, it’s a series about wizards! But out of all of those spells, which is your favorite? The organizers of Harry Potter Book Night asked that question of fans, and the votes are in. Check out the results below!

Fans chose Expecto Patronum as their favorite spell. Expecto Patronum is the spell that wards off Dementors by issuing a mystical specter called a “Patronus” from the tip of the wizard’s wand. The shape of the Patronus is very personal to the wizard casting it. The spell can also be used to send messages. 

The Patronus Charm may have taken the number one spot, but plenty of other spells got votes. Check out the full results below (with descriptions provided by Harry Potter Book Night) and make your own voice heard in the comments!


1. Expecto Patronum – to summon up a Patronus

2. Accio – to call an object to you

3. Wingardium Leviosa – to levitate objects

4. Expelliarmus – to disarm your opponent

5. Lumos – to ignite one’s wand-tip to provide light

6. Alohomora – to open locked windows and doors

7. Avada Kedavra – to bring about instant death

8. Sectumsempra – the incantation for one of the Half-Blood Prince’s spells

9. Obliviate – to make the subject forget

10. Riddikulus – to make a Boggart take on a comical appearance and eventually explode


Featured image courtesy of Warner Bros.