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This Is J. K. Rowling’s Original Sketch of Hogwarts and It Will Blow Yer Wizard Minds

The Harry Potter exhibition at the British Library contains many fascinating insights into the Potterverse, including original manuscripts and various pieces of inspiration behind the books. It also includes J. K. Rowling’s original sketch for the Hogwarts castle and grounds.


hogwarts sketch jk rowling

Image Via Cosmopolitan


In the sketch, Rowling has included the lake containing the giant squid behind the castle, with the greenhouses and vegetable garden on the right hand side. These are where the castle’s supply of magical herbs and plants come from, as well as where the students study herbology. In front of the school is the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid’s hut. The Whomping Willow is also sketched, famous for destroying Mr. Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia at the beginning of The Chamber of Secrets, when Harry and Ron crash the car into it. Opposite the forest is the Quidditch stadium with changing rooms on either side, and between the forest and the stadium is a promenade, leading, she has noted, to Hogsmeade. 


The Harry Potter exhibition also contains the original synopsis of the first book, as well as original drafts and manuscripts, which reveal such details as the fact that Dudley was originally called Didsbury, and Professor Trelawney was named Enid Pettigrew. 


Featured Image Via Pottermore