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This Infographic Will Walk You Through 20 Years of Amazon’s Best Sellers

Amazon started in 1994 as an online bookstore. They still sell books, but they also sell everything besides books, including movies. Still, their increasing convenience and reliability makes them one of, if not the top bookseller in the world. So when a book becomes the #1 best seller on Amazon, it’s pretty noteworthy.


This infographic walks you through the #1 best seller on Amazon since 1995. It’s probably a little surprising…




One of notable things is that every Harry Potter book was a #1 best seller besides the first two. Probably it’s because it took some time for the series to find its footing, but those are also the two books of the series many deem inferior (not me, just people). Also interesting is Good to Great appears twice, as does StrengthsFinder 2.0. It seems like those are either bulk purchases for businesses to give to their employees, or Amazon has a lot of industrious business-types buying books from them. Finally, the 2017 #1 Amazon best seller is Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honeya poetry collection. While Kaur’s poetry is often derided among die-hard poetry fans, the fact that she wrote a poetry collection that has sold so remarkably well on Amazon in a competitive year of books is extremely impressive.


It will be interesting to see what the coming year holds. Maybe we’ll see a resurgence of business books!


Feature Image Via Amazon