THIS Iconic Horror Villain Almost Had A Cameo in ‘It’

Is a Pennywise and Freddy Krueger screen-ship inevitable?


If you’ve seen James Corden’s hilarious performance as Pennywise, joined by Krueger on-screen for the performance we’ve been dreaming of, then the simple answer is yes. According to It director Andy Muschietti, however, it’s a hell no.


The director who graciously gave us modern day Pennywise nightmares said that It writers briefly discussed the idea of a Freddy Krueger cameo, but it was ultimately shut down by Muschietti himself.




Pennywise takes the form of the monsters each child fears the most, and as King’s book takes place in the 1950’s the supernatural references from pop culture are limited to that time.


Muschietti praised King for representing the universal monsters of that period and acknowledged the instinct to follow in a similar direction, showcasing 80’s horror villains like Krueger, but he said it ultimately wouldn’t work in the latest adaptation.




I really wasn’t too crazy about bringing stuff like Freddy Krueger into the story. I thought it was a bit too meta with New Line involved in the film. It’s distracting and it didn’t feel right, for some reason.”


Muschietti said that he wanted to explore deep-rooted fears related to childhood trauma and fears that were in general “more surprising.” 


Though he left out many of Pennywise’s forms that made an appearance in King’s book, the director believes King was understanding.


I basically wrote a letter to him asking him for forgiveness for having taken so many licenses, especially with the many different incarnations of Pennywise. He said “Don’t worry about it. All the changes are great!” I think he understands adaptations are a different animal. Of course it could go well and it could go bad, but I think in this case he really enjoyed it.


While the collaboration of Krueger and Pennywise would be incredible to witness, Bill Skarsgard’s performance as Pennywise managed to give us all the unease we needed in one film.




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Featured Image Courtesy of ‘New Line Cinema’