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This Hollywood Superstar Will Be Opening the London Literature Festival

This year, Tom Hanks will be opening the London Literature Festival by reading from his first collection of fiction.


Tom Hanks

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‘Uncommon Type’ is a vivid compilation of the 61-year-old Oscar-winning actor’s short stories. It entails the story of a Eastern European immigrating to New York City after escaping from a civil war, a quirky billionaire’s search for something greater in America with his assistant, a woman’s adjustment to post-divorce life and many other heart-warming reads for fans of Tom Hanks.


Uncommon Type

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“It’s a privilege to be a part of a festival that features a line-up of living literary greats, and in London, a city that I find inspiring with its own rich history of storytelling.” Hanks said to the Independent:


The London Literature Festival will take place at the Royal Festival Hall from October 13 to November 1. It will feature a vast array of literary entertainment, from dramatic performances to debates, talks and readings. Through prose and poetry, artists of different crafts will join together to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Poetry International.


Besides Hanks, other notable figures such as Annie Leibovitz, Philip Pullman, Goldie, Anne Carson, Tracy Chevalier and David Mitchell will also make appearances.


‘Uncommon Type’ will be released October 17, 2017 and you can pre-order your copy from Amazon here.


Feature image courtesy of Rachel Khoo