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This Historic Cottage Is the Poe-fect Plan for Halloween

Looking for last minute, bookish Halloween plans? Live in the New York area or are you willing to travel for an author you love? Well, lucky for you, I’ve got the Poe-fect idea for you. *Exaggerated wink face*


The master of Gothic literature and dark twisted ideas is your go-to guy for Halloweekend. Edgar Allan Poe is the epitome of grim and grotesque and for that he’s pretty much one of the best in literary history. From freaky stories to hauntingly beautiful poems this man was and still is a genius. Although his past wasn’t always successful you can still see where the most famous of his works were created.


Poe Cottage

Image Via OHNY


It was in 1812 that a quaint little cottage was built in the hilly Bronx area of New York and it was thirty-four years later that Edgar Allan Poe made a home for himself there. Accompanied by his sick wife, Virginia, and her mother, the grim author stayed there from 1846 to 1849. Virginia was stricken with tuberculosis and Poe was told the fresh air and solitude would be good for her. Despite her passing in 1847, Poe was able to create his best hits from this small getaway. A getaway that cost him $100 a year. I could afford that.


Edgar Allan Poe

Same. | Image Via Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore


Times were tough financially for him then, but his completion of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ and ‘Annabel Lee’ gave him the name he has today. Within the small cottage are the original rocking chair, mirror, and additional furnishings that were part of their minimal lifestyle. Who would’ve thought? Did you also know that:


-He died penniless and under mysterious circumstances. He was found in distress running through the streets in some stranger’s clothes. Even four days later, when he passed, they still didn’t know the cause.


-He got himself kicked out of military academy…on purpose.


-He was paid $9 for The Raven despite writing professionally twenty years prior to it.


-His beloved feline Catterina died the same day as him.


If you want to find out more, the best way is to immerse yourself in history. Check out the famous Poe Cottage on the Bronx County Historical Society.


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