Dancing Hermione

This Hermione Cosplayer’s Dance Move Have Gone Viral

This past weekend, YouTuber Connie Glynn took a video of her friend Kelsey Ellison cosplaying as Hermione Granger and dancing to a Super Mario remix at MCM London Comic Con. Except that dancing is not quite the right term. Absolutely slaying it is more accurate. Just watch:



And you can always count on the internet to meme-ify almost anything, especially anything fandom-related. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Ellison said, “Some of the Harry Potter-related quotes people have come up with are hilarious.”







Wait, it gets even better.


Following the internet losing its mind and, of course, demanding more, Ellison tweeted a new video of Hermione dancing earlier today.



So here’s my sincerest congratulations to Kelsey “Dancing Hermione” Ellison for winning the Internet. And thank you for vastly improving my morning.


Feature Image Via Twitter