This ‘Harry Potter’ Themed Wedding is Completely Unreal

After Cindy and Matthew got engaged, Cindy immediately knew what theme she wanted for her wedding: Harry Potter. Almost a year later their wedding was decorated to the nines in Harry Potter themed DIY projects that were so stunning, they were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings! We can’t get over how insanely detailed it was- you must see this for yourself.


For starters, Cindy handmade these invites that look like Marauder’s Maps!  


Then the couple found the perfect venue at Hollywood Castle. It feels very Hogwarts-y.


Each of the guests’ seats featured their very own wand so they could “cast a spell of love and joy throughout the night.” We wish we had one!


Some of the guests even dressed up, like these people who wore wigs and fur capes to look like wolf animagi (yes, that’s the plural of animagus)! That’s dedication.


Let’s talk about this reception and how it’s giving us Great Hall realness…


And we can’t forget the floating candles above the dance floor…


Their “Honeydukes” table offered an array of wizard-themed treats like chocolate wands, potion parfaits, and lightning bolt cookies. They also served pumpkin pie instead of the traditional wedding cake. Sounds delicious!



Congratulations to Cindy and Matt! Their wedding was every one of J.K. Rowling fans’ dreams come true.


All images courtesy of Nirav Patel