Harry Potter Convention

This Harry Potter Convention Is the Stuff Muggle Dreams Are Made of!

Potterheads, witches, wizards, and all other magical beings… Big news here! It has been confirmed that in July 2018 there will be an official *drumroll* Harry Potter Convention! And it’s adorably and appropriately called DiagCon. Bloody brilliant, is it not? The lucky folks of the UK are blessed as it will be held in Manchester. For the non-UK superfans, ever hear of plane tickets? If you say you’ve never dreamed about this… I’m calling your bluff!



Now is our chance to immerse ourselves in all things Harry Potter with countless other fans as well! Held at The Printworks in Manchester on July 21st and 22nd 2018, the convention will comprise of an insane amount of events. There are props and exhibition shows, Q&A panels with the film crew, a magical market to buy goods, themed food and drinks, and meeting actors from the films. YOU HEARD ME. I was interested by magical food and drinks, but the meet-and-greet plus photo-ops totally got me.



There are plenty more events and announcements to be made (which actors will be present, etc.), but getting tickets can’t wait! July stubs have already sold out (shocker), but the event organization is now planning on having a Halloween event on October 27th and 28th, according to Cosmo:


“As we do not wish for fans to miss out, we will be doing a Halloween event on 28th October in a similar format to the July event. Early bird tickets are on sale and details of the event will be announced in coming months.”


The pressure is on to get these dang tickets, but don’t get too stressed then forget that you are encouraged to dress up for this glorious gathering. Check out their site here. Now, can this whole shindig please come to every country?



Feature Image Via Sweety High