Harry Potter Classroom

This Harry Potter Classroom Will Knock You Off Your Broom!

From what I remember, my middle school classroom had the basic class essentials: decorative posters, encouraging quotes, and cute decorations. However, my educational expectations have recently been blown away.


A classroom at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro, Oregon has taken class set-ups to a whole new level (and world).


Harry Potter

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Teacher Kyle Hubler gave his students the surprise of the century when they entered his class for the first day of school. A day that’s usually dreaded was filled with delight upon entering a Harry Potter-themed classroom. Yes… you heard me.


There was not a detail missed as students rushed into the room, taking in every inch. Broomsticks, flagstones, and literature lined the walls. Flickering candles, a sorting hat and quidditch balls in every corner, along with house flags… the magic is endless!


Harry Potter

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One may think it would have taken the average Muggle a long time and a lot of money to put this together. According to Bustle, Hubler told ABC News that it took him five weeks over the summer, approximately 70 hours, to create this kind of sorcery! Thankfully his magical spending spree only cost him between $300 and $400 dollars because he had already collected his own Harry Potter keepsakes and tokens over the years. Impressive.


Hubler explained that hearing the “audible gasps” made all the time, money, and hard work worth it. The generous teacher said it wasn’t just the ageless love for Harry Potter, it was the novel’s messages about acceptance of who you are and who your friends are that made the series so appealing.


Harry Potter

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There is no doubt that upon entering the well-crafted Platform 9 3/4 classroom door that you’d be swept up and away into a world of magic, wonder, and learning. Now, isn’t that the bloody fantastic?


I would never leave the room, even for lunchtime.


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