'The Handmaid's Tale'

This ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Inspired Lingerie Has Us Feeling a Bit Dystopian

Everyone wants to feel a little slinky now and then, that’s where lingerie comes in right? Maybe it’s a special evening or an anniversary. Perhaps you just wanna lay around in it and sip wine. Hey, it’s all good. But do you ever put it on when you want to feel like you’re being objectified by a dystopian radical government? Yeah, we’re not sure either.



 Image Via Lunya

It was recently that i09 discovered a crossing of clothing and literature has taken place and we’re not sure if it’s clever or perhaps creepy. Lunya, an online clothing site based in California, has released a lingerie silk set with an open back tank top and shorts. Looks comfy, cute, and it comes in five different colors. Including a deep maroon red named “Offred”. For those of you who know this name, then you know it’s from Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale which has taken the world by storm with its adaptation series.




 Image Via Monsters and Critics

It wouldn’t be our first instinct to design and name a lingerie set after a character in a novel who is a state sanctioned sex slave and is distinguished by that shade of red. It doesn’t seem to add up, but the Lunya folks only had admiration for the series when speaking to io9.


We’re big fans of the show here at Lunya and named the color after Elisabeth Moss’s journey as ‘Offred’… We’re with the resistance!


What do you think of the connection?


Feature Image Via Narcity