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This ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Predicts Future Deaths

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones kills off many of its beloved major characters. A new reddit theory from redditor razobak09 posits that major Game of Thrones characters get killed in a way that mirrors some of their most crucial moments throughout the series.


Littlefinger, for example, revealed he betrayed Ned Stark with a knife up to Ned’s throat. Also, when there was an attempted murder on Bran Stark earlier in the series, the Catspaw Dagger was found in the room. Littlefinger claimed the Catspaw Dagger belonged to the Lannisters. It didn’t. It belonged to him. Ultimately, he was killed by Arya when she sliced his throat…with the Catspaw Dagger.


Three of the most important deaths follow this pattern so perfectly that it’s tough to discredit it. For example, the redditor says, “Ned Stark used his greatsword Ice to behead the Night’s Watchman; he was beheaded with his own sword.”


Ned Stark

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Next up, “Ramsay Bolton was fond of feeding people to his hounds; he was fed to his own hounds.”


Ramsay Bolton

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And lastly, “Olenna Tyrell killed Joffrey with Poison; she was executed with poison.”


Olenna Tyrell

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Here is razobak09’s entire post.


This theory almost makes too much sense as it fits entirely with some of the major themes fans have come to love and expect from the hit series. Betrayal, revenge, and justice. We will definitely all be looking for this pattern in the deaths that will inevitably come!



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