This Game Of Thrones Clue Will Give You Hope For The Future

On Sunday’s season premiere of Game of Thrones, millions of viewers tuned in to watch the scrappy Samwell Tarly retch, bargain, and thieve his way into becoming a “maester” and save the world. What many did not see, however, was the explosive detail hidden within the dense text of Sam’s forbidden library book.



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The clue, which was found by one eagle-eyed Reddit user, appears within a book on dragon glass, the substance that may be the key to defeating the merciless white walkers. Tucked into a paragraph are references to “ingestion,” “illnesses,” and “cure,” among other things.



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Who in Sam’s very castle is in great need of some sort of bodily cure? That’s right: Samwell Tarly may very well have discovered the cure to grayscale-sufferer Jorah Mormont’s devastating illness.



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This discovery prompted more speculation from other Reddit users, who predicted that Sam’s accomplishment would force the other maesters to forgive his book theft and promote him to maester earlier than usual.


Way to go Sam! We sure hope you don’t die like the others.


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