This French Book Van Perseveres Through Mountain Roads

Carting a bookstore-full of books through mountain towns requires sleek design, a little bit of engineering, and one nomadic bookseller with a heart of gold.

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How do you drive one-thousand-three-hundred pounds of books down the side of a mountain range?

You slap an exterior metal structure onto the opposite side of your trailer, according to one mobile-book-van-touring French man.


Via Architectural Digest


Jean-Jacques Megel-Nuber drives a professionally designed mobile bookstore called Au Vrai Chic Littérère through rural French towns that have lost their storefront bookstores, according to Architectural Digest.

Depending on which town requests his services, Megel-Nuber can expect to drive through the gamut of meteorological conditions or natural features, and he describes his travels through the Jura Mountains as one of the most challenging obstacles to successful book transit.




Megel-Nuber removes top-shelf books before he begins his descent, according to his interview with Architectural Digest. Because his cargo (i.e. thousands of books) weighs more than the truck he uses to tow the trailer, he needs to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity so one end doesn’t smash into the other halfway down a mountain or hill.

Megel-Nuber lives in the traveling bookstore, although customers hardly have occasion to notice the proprietor’s personal lodgings amid all the tiny and satisfying architectural details employed by the van’s designer.

Pauline Fagué took on the project she called La Maison Qui Chemine before she and her partner finalized the details of their design firm. Au Vrai Chic Littérère, however, clearly communicates the universal sensation of being at home surrounded by books — pretty much the goal for any small-scale bookstore.


Via Architectural Digest


Megel-Nuber can travel in his mobile bookstore for up to three weeks at a time to reach his welcome gigs at local town fairs and festivals.

But bringing books home lasts a lifetime.

For more information, visit the official website of Au Vrai Chic Littérère here.




Featured Image Via Architectural Digest.