Curtis Dawkins

This Ex-Con Made $150,000 for Writing a Book…and He Might Have to Fork It Over

Apparently breaking the law could be your greatest muse! At least, that’s the case for Curtis Dawkins. Dawkins was sent to prison after being involved in a botched robbery that lead to a murder in 2004, for which he’s expressed deep remorse. Now he has become a successful author, and state wants a piece of the action.


'The Graybar Hotel'

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In his debut book of short stories, The Graybar Hotel, Dawkins tells the real stories of his life behind bars which has drawn in hundreds of readers. Scribner published the collection in July and Dawkins has since earned $150,000, but the state of Michigan ain’t having it. Michigan’s Department of Treasury has filed a court complaint demanding the author/convict hand over ninety percent of his earnings as a cost of his imprisonment.


When the robbery victim’s brother spoke out about what he saw as the injustice, the state’s attorney general made the case. They explained that Dawkins shouldn’t be entitled to the money nor should he be able transfer it to his family. 


Curtis Dawkins

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However, according to Fox61, Dawkins is said to be making the argument that the same law the attorney general is referring to also takes into consideration the obligation of the convict to provide for their family. Michigan is one of forty states in which the government is allowed to charge inmates for incarceration.


It’s tough to say, but it seems like a lose-lose situation. Whose side are you on?


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