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This Cover Art Imagines Victorian Literature for the Tinder Generation

If I had a dime for every time I wished I was in a Jane Austen novel, I’d be able to buy a first edition Jane Austen novel. Yes, I am exaggerating, but I do actually wish I was in one of her books. Her prose is so eloquent and her storylines are beautiful. I mean, a heroine that remains true to herself while still capturing the heart of an impassioned guy? I’ll take it.


I understand you can’t take these too seriously, though. Nowadays, we’re pretty far from proper romance (in the Austen sense). Where are the noble acts of love? Where are the longing looks that make a crowded room disappear? Where’s Mr. Darcy? I don’t want to throw my generation under the bus, but romance ain’t like it used to be.


Just recently, Professor John Sutherland from University College London paired up with UK TV channel Drama to prove this. They took some of the most classic romance novel covers from Austen, the Brontës, and Hardy and modernized them to fit today’s standards of romance. These gave me some pain, but see for yourself.
'Pride and Prejudice'




All Images Via The Sun


Well, those are alarmingly realistic. These literary loves are given apps like Tinder, Twitter, and WhatsApp, not to mention a selfie stick and Wi-Fi connections. Daily Star gave us Professor John Sutherland’s insight on the difficult-to-imagine covers. “Inserting these devices and methods of communication in classic romances highlights how much they can interrupt a romantic mood,” Professor Sutherland said. “A Heathcliff that spent his time hash-tagging wouldn’t be identified as the romantic hero we think of today.” According to Daily Star, a poll of British adults think we’re 54% less romantic than in Austen’s time; 34% blame this on our over-reliance and use of technology. Yeah, I’d say so.


I do believe that everyone is more attractive when they aren’t looking at their phone, and that includes the handsome Mr. Darcy. These covers will be able to download this weekend here, but take this as a lesson for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and every day. Be present in the moment and always remember: WWJAD—What Would Jane Austen Do?


Feature Image Via The Sun