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This Bookworm Life: Bookstr Celebrates National Book Lovers Day

Today, book people across the country celebrate #NationalBookLoversDay. We at Bookstr, of course, could not let such an occasion pass without sharing some love of our own…


“I had decided that this would be the year that I finally read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. It would be no easy task: War and Peace is roughly 1,230 pages long, and about, y’know, WAR and PEACE. For 4 STRESSFUL nights, I lugged out my copy, roughly the size and weight of a small toddler, and attempted to make sense of dukes, countesses, Napoleon and…bears? I gave up after about 30 pages. I guess I just wasn’t built to read half a page of footnotes containing translation of snooty dead Russian people’s aristocratic French!”

-Eliza Bayroff, Editorial Staff


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“I don’t really want to admit this, but spark notes and cliff notes pulled me through English Literature in high school.”

-Angela Liao, Editorial Staff


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“My dad used to read to me every night as a kid, he read everything from Harry Potter to the entirety of The Lord of the Rings, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase series, all of Roald Dahl and did every single accent perfectly, from Hagrid to Gollum to Matilda. There’s no way you grow up with that without developing a pretty serious love of books.”

-Laura Blaise McDowell, Editorial Staff


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“I wanted to read [John Green/Lauren Myracle/Maureen Johnson book] Let It Snow during the winter…. and I’ve been pushing that off for 5 years.”

-Nicole Rinaldi, Video Staff


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“I can remember when reading 50 shades of Darker (the second book of the 50 shades series) I was waiting for Christian Grey to apologise to Ana for about a million things he had done wrong to her and found them (spoiler alert) in the hairdressing salon of the woman who got him into the lifestyle. I was annoyed and slightly skeeved out but Ana runs out of the salon. I was about to start cheering “She finally got a back-bone!” when he comes out and explains. I’m sitting there like some sarcastic angel on her shoulder like “Yeah yeah come one billionaire boy, what you gonna do?” I physically took in a deep breath as Ana prepares to let loose on him Go on girl! And he shoves a finger up to silence her and answers his phone. I nearly lost my reason, and my kindle out the window. That is the most arrogant and rudest way to say “Oh sorry I have to take this call”. After all the stuff that happened in the first book and my disdain for Ana’s lack of backbone throughout it, the only way I can describe how I felt is how Bradley Cooper reacted to finishing Hemingway in “Silver Linings Playbook.”

-Megan Rafferty, Video Staff


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“We had almost every Dr. Seuss book. I took all of them off our bookshelf and hid them under my bed and made it my goal to read them all in a week. I read like 15 a day.”

-Kate Van Meter, Marketing Staff


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“I can get lost in the shelves of Barnes and Noble for way longer than I’d want to admit!”

– Madysan Foltz, Project Coordinator


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