This Bookstore Only Sells Cookbooks and It Is Adorable

Turns out there is a book store in New York completely filled with nothing but cookbooks. Since it’s opening by founder Nach Waxman and managing producer Matt Sartwell in 1983, Kitchen Arts and Letters has never been an ordinary store, it has always been completely devoted to cookbooks. 



   Image via Edible Manhattan


The book store even contains classic recipes from famous cook books. Kitchen Arts and Letters is the perfect place to segway from popular food trends or recipes for simple things like making perfect toast and reading up on rare copies from famous vintage cook books. Though the store is hardly packed, Mr. Startwell describes the three kind of people that come to the store, “those who have simple taste and want to cook for sustenance; those who already love to eat but never learned to cook; and those who are recipe-resistant but believe in mastering the kitchen through science.” This bookstore is the perfect place for chefs, food enthusiasts and people in search of acquiring a new skill to come visit.  


kitchen arts and letters

 Image Via The Culinary Cellar 


Though the bookstore gains most of its earnings from chefs, Kitchen Arts and Letters is also known for its hard-to-find collectibles and out of print books.


Many cooks and chefs order online when new additions are added to their archives, most of the customers keep a close eye on books that go in detail on specific recipes such as “Scandinavian fish roe in the book Caviar, by Jacob Stokkebye.  The bookstore uncovers hidden gems that are not available for purchase but Mr. Waxman says “If a young chef wants to come and copy a recipe and put it back into the world, we love to have them do that.” Kitchen Arts and letters contains cook books that is fit for anyone willing to learn or hone in on some of their skills.


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