This Bookstore May Let You Sip Wine While You Read

Readers know that books and wine are a match made in heaven. They could soon also be a match made at your local Barnes & Noble.

The major bookseller is testing out a new concept that would put wine on the menu in Barnes & Noble outlets across the country. According to the New Republic, the company will try things out in a New York state location. A New Hartford, NY Barnes & Noble is the first location to apply for a beer and wine license, and how things go there will determine whether or not the Barnes & Noble in your own neighborhood becomes a boozy haven for literary oenophiles.

The lucky Barnes & Noble in New Hartford, New York

The wine would be served at readings and events, and could eventually find its way onto the cafe’s menu. However, Barnes & Noble “will not be turning into a bar or nightclub,” the attorney working with the bookseller explained. Towns with Barnes & Noble outlets in them would not see any change to their neighborhoods.

The first store is still in the licensing process, so any nationwide roll out of this concept will have to wait. In the meantime, if you love wine and books, perhaps a trip to New Hartford, NY is in your future!