Lloyd Kaufman and the cover of the deluxe edition of The Art of Troma

This Book Showcases the Beauty of the World’s Most Bizarre Movie Studio

In 1985, a Herculean tale of a janitor of unimpressive stature being transformed into a hideous yet brawny mutant by a vat of toxic waste and then turning vigilante was unleashed in theaters. The Toxic Avenger, directed by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, established Troma Entertainment, the studio it was published by, as a reliable source of camp, splatter, comedy, and more splatter.


Toxic Avenger movie posters

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This September, Dynamite Entertainment released The Art of Troma, a showcase of the studio’s work. The Art of Troma tells the history of the studio accompanied by photos of behind-the-scenes moments, film posters, reference photos for original Troma art, and more.


Troma was founded by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz in 1974. These two are responsible for the studio’s legacy of unabashedly shocking movies, which have propelled Troma into becoming the world’s longest running independent film studio. While the studio was founded in 1974, it takes inspiration from the great B-movies of the 1950s. With Troma, Kaufman and Herz have established a safe haven for films targeted by censorship. They have openly defied MPAA restrictions, and challenged the ratings system that demands “objectionable” material be cut from movies by distributing all their films with their original content untouched. To honor their rejection of censorship, the company adopted the slogan, “40 years of Disrupting Media” in 2014.


Every Troma film has garnered some sort of reaction, but the crown jewel of their oeuvre is the Toxic Avenger franchise, which has been spun into several sequels, an animated series, a musical, and a remake of the original movie, which is currently in development.


The Toxic Avenger dancing.

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After forty-four years in filmmaking, The Art of Troma will finally recognize the achievements of the studio and demonstrate the visual character of their work. The images included in the book are rendered beautifully, almost ironically so, given that many/most of these images display some sort of dismemberment or other gruesome scene.


Some pages from the book.

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The Art of Troma is currently available in stores, and Bookstr is also holding a giveaway contest which will give five lucky fans a copy of the deluxe edition of The Art of Troma.


Check out more about Troma and The Art of Troma in our Facebook Live interview with Lloyd Kaufman below!





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