This Bestselling Book Could Be the Cancer Breakthrough We’ve Been Looking for

Currently the #1 best seller on Amazon, The Breakthrough: Immunotherapy and the Race to Cure Cancer is hope disguised as a book. You could recommend this book to someone who is going through an impossibly difficult time. An article in the Washington Post states that the book can be seen as ‘realistic hope.’ It gives many examples of stories and experiments, like mice surviving, and helps you understand the relationship between the immune system and cancer.


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According to the book, the amount of ‘breakthroughs’ that we had with chemotherapies and prescribed drugs only left us with 600,000 people to pass away from cancer every year in the United States. What oncologists and cancer biologists made the mistake of doing, is that they boosted the immune system to counter the tumor cells—instead of disabling the clashing molecules and tumor cells. Immunotherapist, James Allison figured out how to disable them with his first approved ‘checkpoint inhibitor’ in 2011, this led him to receive a 2018 Nobel Prize in medicine. For example, a patient named Jeff Schwartz was expected to die within six months from his stage 4 kidney cancer. His white t-cell count was very low, but when Allison implemented the immunotherapy drugs it made him feel like a new person. In time, it even made him cancer free.


This book could be the breakthrough that thousands need. Cancer better watch out because our immune systems aren’t playing around anymore!


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