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This Amazon Kids’ Bundle Will Help Kids Complete Their Summer Reading List

Attention, parents! Summer vacation is starting sooner than you think. Your children are ecstatic! But what does this mean for you? Well, for starters, you will probably have to make sure your children actually do the required summer reading. Fortunately, Amazon thinks it has the perfect solution for you.



Amazon is offering something called the Kindle for Kids Bundle. Amazon continues to prove even more that it is the GOAT. This $99.99 bundle comes with the latest edition Kindle (you can choose the case) and a two year warranty. The Kindle itself also comes with four gigs of storage. More than enough space to hold all those books.



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But wait! That’s not all! Not only is there an almost $30 discount, it also comes with the capability to enforce something called FreeTime. It is a parent controlled progress tracker — NOICE. The parent is able to lock applications and games from being accessed by the child on other Amazon devices until they finish reading up to a certain point. Social media sites and other outlets can also be easily blocked. Your children will love you.


Amazon also has its own list of recommended books to read this summer (age divided categories). With Amazon and this Kindle bundle, you and your child will have a summer full of reading. Which isn’t a bad thing. Yay for summer reading. Go, You. Go, Amazon.



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