jon snow

This Amazing Fan Video Will Warm Your Heart in the Post-Game of Thrones World

Okay, the die-hard Game of Thrones fans among us definitely don’t need any clarification regarding our beloved Jon Snow’s parentage (especially after Bran’s thorough explanation in the season finale). I’ve heard whispers of a slightly more casual breed of GoT fan, which sounds fake to me, but if you are out there, you might want and need an explanation for Snow’s heritage. 

This new fan-made video lays out perfectly, and quite movingly, how the King of the North came to be. The video, entitled ‘Jon Snow | Targaryen Wolf,’ begins at the very, very beginning with Ned Stark discovering his sister Lyanna has just died giving birth to baby Jon.

It brought a tear to the Bookstr eye, for sure. Our little Jon, or should we say Aegon Targaryan, all grown up and King of the North.  



Feature Image Via HBO.