don't feed the fish french fries

This 8-Year-Old Just Published His First Book!

Some kids really know how to channel all of their energy into projects to make the world a better place for both adults and children alike. It’s amazing to hear about some of the exploits and ideas these children have piled onto their plates. Adults across the board seem to mock those who fall under the legal age, but 8-year-old Summit Elementary School student Cooper McIlvain just published his first book and you’ve got to admit that that’s extremely impressive!


Cooper’s book, Don’t Feed the Fish French Fries is based on his experience at a school carnival where he and his friend, Ella, won goldfish after playing a game of cup-and-ball. The little boy was so excited about his new pet but his father has to remind him exactly how to take care of it. Gary McIlvain, Cooper’s father, encouraged his son to write this book and of course helped him along the way: Cooper came up with the story himself, but his father put pen to paper and a Sunday school teacher did the illustrations for them. Gary McIlvain hopes to not only instill the importance of reading to children across the globe, but to also teach them the importance of caring for something so precious as a goldfish.


don't feed the fish french fries

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The McIlvains live in Ashland, Kentucky and both understand how important it is to encourage reading and literacy in children. Cooper’s reading teacher, Melody Craft, is especially excited about the 8-year-old’s venture and hopes it instills the value of the written word in many more children – Craft hosts a Reading Literacy Night at the elementary school. And Cooper? He, of course, knows that encouraging other children to read is even more important than being an author and firmly believes in the power of imagination. 


Don’t Feed the Fish French Fries was published under Page Publishing and for each book that is purchased, $5 goes back into funding for Summit Elementary’s library, music, and arts programs!


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