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This 6-Year-Old’s Statement About His Favorite Book Is All Too Real

There’s no feeling quite as homey as re-reading your favorite books; books from your childhood, books that held your teenage heart, books that adult you has used as guide points while you navigate through life.


Books can act as tiny, magic, paper-filled mentors helping you to feel less confused, less misunderstood, less alone. I know that I’m definitely someone who turns toward their favorite books when life gets too hectic or wild or hazy and I just need grounding and something to remind of me who I am. 


Yay, books!


But, given the deep and powerful love we can feel for the books we hold dear, it goes without saying that sometimes we might get a little bit defensive guarding them. While it feels great to share your favorite books with your favorite people, it can also get a little scary because, like, “what if they hate it? What if they say something bad about it? What if they love it more than I do?” 


Everyone’s been there. Everyone’s felt the fear and jealousy that can come with loaning out something that’s so intensely personal to you to someone else because you can’t help but feel like they’ll never quite understand just how much it means to you; it’s never just another book.


And, this fear of sharing something you love too much with others is nothing new to Twitter user Laura (@Mum_Reader) and her son, James; last Wednesday she posted a tweet of her then-six-year-old son’s old homework assignment all about books:





I feel you, kid. And, clearly the Twittersphere understands too as the post has gone completely viral.


Sharing is fun but, like, sometimes not sharing is fun, too. Ya feel?


And, it turns out James wasn’t wrong in wanting to keep this book to himself, as the book in question (There’s a Dragon in My School by Philip Hawthorne) is currently going for more than ninety dollars on Amazon.



Keep on reading on, James! (And never let anyone come between you and the books you love.)





Featured Image via Belle’s Bookshelf