This 4 Lb. Book Will Get You Through Quarantine

Curious to know more about this book, this giant slab of paper and words?  Arthur Nersesian’s new epic novel, “The Five Books of (Robert) Moses” contains… wait for it… 1,506 pages of reading bliss.  If you’re a person who loves long books, this is for you.


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Nersesian’s book took more than twenty-five years to write, and an additional twelve years for his publisher to edit the book.  The sheer amount of dedication from both parties is truly inspiring.  Nersesian’s editor, Johnny Temple, noted, “As long as [Nersesian] kept working, I kept the faith.”  This goes to show how collaboration and dedication made this dream novel come true.



Nersesian’s finished work impressively weighs more than four pounds, and if he was to stack all his manuscripts he gathered from editing since 1993, they would stand six feet tall!  To compare this novel to another, it is longer than Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” which has 1,225 pages.  Nersesian would continue to write other novels while he was working on his 1,500 page one.  He states:


“I’d write other novels, and while waiting to hear back, that was the project I’d return to.”


This, of course, is in reference to his 1997 debut novel, “The F— Up.”  After this novel, Nersesian’s publisher says that this is what gave the author his following.  Nersesian has had successes with his novels.  His 2000 novel “Dogrun” was made into the 2016 movie “My Dead Boyfriend.”


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As for what the 1,500 page novel is about, it opens in Rescue City, a recreation of New York City, that was built in Nevada after a Manhattan terrorist attack in 1970.  There is also an epidemic in the novel that prevents women from having children, forcing others to live underground where the disease has spread.  The main characters include a fictionalized Robert Moses, a powerful public official who reshaped New York City’s infrastructure and its environs, and his brother Paul, and electrical engineer.  Their difficult relationship causes worrying consequences.  Pop-culture favorites from the period include psychedelic evangelist Timothy Leary, urbanologist Jane Jacobs, and poet Allen Ginsberg.  Nersesian compares his book to the likes of  “The Plot Against America” or “The Man in the High Castle.”



Nersesian’s purpose in his new novel was to show a society in crisis, with the polarization of political parties (which is very relatable in today’s times) to the post 9-11 world, where freedoms are taken away in favor of societal protection.  He stuck with his project for over two decades because he wanted to explore the relationship between people and their government.


The 1,500 page novel has 5,000 copies printed which will be priced at $44.95 for each one.  The audiobook is expected to run fifty-five to sixty-five hours, which is much longer than other audiobooks averaging in at ten hours.  If you’re interested in reading this book, check out the Amazon link above!


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