This 2021 Calendar Highlights the Best Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fan Art

The year 2020 has certainly been a whirlwind for us all- with a pandemic, protests for social justice, the fight to end systemic racism, and a new election- but the new year is almost here! And what better way to ring in a fresh start than with a calendar to curb your craving for change, empowerment and wit? Brought to you by the independent book publisher, Sourcebooks, The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wall Calendar is a collection of masterful art, by women around the world, honoring the renowned Supreme Court justice. With style, humor and a feminist flair, this 2021 wall art calendar is not just for those who wish to continue Ginsberg’s fight for women’s rights, but for pioneers of equality everywhere.






Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the recently departed Supreme Court justice (commonly referred to as the Notorious RBG), was an outstanding woman and advocate for gender equality. Born as Joan Ruth Bader in Brooklyn, NY, on March 15th, 1933, she grew up throughout the height of the depression, facing her own adversity before she would go on to fight for that of others. She was a record-breaking intellectual, as the first female member of the Harvard Law Review and the first tenured professor at Columbia Law School. She later founded the Women’s Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, and in 2002 she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. NPR has termed her the “architect  of the legal fight for women’s rights in the 1970s.” This undeniable work-ethic earned her a nomination from President Clinton in 1993 to serve as Supreme Court justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, a position she proudly held for twenty-seven dedicated years.




However, Justice Ginsburg’s journey toward this position, and the excellent work she displayed there-in, was fraught with gender discrimination. When she attended Harvard Law School, she was just one of nine women in a program consisting of over 500 students, and the dean had asked her why she was in a position that “should go to a man.” Though she may have been on the more quiet side socially, her fight for women’s rights was anything but reserved. Ginsburg’s life’s work was a quest for equality; a mission toward a future where females would not have to be questioned about how they choose to live their life, or whether they deserve the same freedoms and rewards as men.







“She changed the way the world is for American women,” said NPR. “For more than a decade, until her first judicial appointment in 1980, she led the fight in the courts for gender equality. When she began her legal crusade, women were treated, by law, differently from men. Hundreds of state and federal laws restricted what women could do, barring them from jobs, rights and even from jury service. By the time she donned judicial robes, however, Ginsburg had worked a revolution.”

Just as Justice Ginsburg has paved the way for new beginnings and opportunities regardless of gender, this new year calendar has been crafted in her honor; in an effort to inspire her spirit for soft-spoken tenacity and advocacy for people today and in the future, male and female alike. With artwork by extraordinary women around the world, this 12×12 wall calendar features “thirteen stunning wall art pieces illustrated by thirteen fierce female artists,” encouraging quotes and passages from the Notorious RBG herself, facts and tribute biography detailing the milestones of her life and career, and holidays and observances. The calendar also offers an interactive component like no other new year calendar around, with questions to spark inspiration and personal inquiry, as well as space to write one’s own goals and affirmations.

Additionally, as Ginsburg supported several charities in her lifetime, “Sourcebooks is proud to continue advocacy in her honor” by donating a hefty portion of the calendar’s profits to her favorite charities.





“Some of my favorite opinions are dissenting opinions,” said Ginsburg. “I will not live to see what becomes of them, but I remain hopeful.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was correct in stating that it would take more than her lifetime to witness the full flourishing of her life’s work. However she left us with a legacy of persistence for change and her commitment to gender equality. It’s how we build off of her efforts from here, as a united community of all sexes, that will allow the seeds of hope and her best intentions to grow and evolve into her greater vision.

You can learn more about Justice Ginsburg’s life and inspiring achievements, support female artists and the charities that Ginsburg most cared about, and do you part to fight for women’s rights and equality, when you get your own copy of The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg wall calendar for 2021 here!




Below you will find the names and social media handles of the thirteen incredible females whose art tributes Ginsburg’s inspiring life.

Featured Artists:

January: Umama Kibria
February: Stevie Shao @stepfrae
March: Sarah Epperson @sarah.epperson
April: Isabel Everett @isabellie_boo
May: Kat Horwedel @kat.dsgns
June: Nicole Rifkin @nicolerifkin
July: Kimberly Glider @kglyder
August: Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya @alonglastname
September: Jade Orlando @jadefrolics
October: Kelley Dillon @kelleydillondesign
November: Shar Tuiasoa @punkyaloha
December: Monique Aimee @moniqueaimee
Tribute Page: Jillian Rahn @jill_tron

feature image via AMAZON