unhappily reading letter

This 1928 Rejection Letter Is the Most Cringe-Worthy Thing You’ll See All Day

Rejection is awkward. Whether it is you on the receiving end or you’re an innocent bystander watching someone else getting rejected, it can be downright uncomfortable. Writers are amongst the most rejected professionals out there and, while we know that rejection is a staple of our work and is ultimately inevitable, anticipating it doesn’t soften the blow (or ink in this case).


After Twitter account Letters of Note shared an incredibly awkward rejection letter dated all the way back to October 1928, it quickly made me want to go to my happy place far far away. When you read it, you’ll understand why.




Addressed to an individual referred to as Mr. F. C. Meyer, Australian-based publisher Angus & Robertson wrote a blistering response to Meyer’s request to publish his poetry and, if unwilling to, send him the names of other publishers.


They declined both requests. Here is the “winner” of all rejections.