Thirteen Reasons Why Adaptation Coming to Netflix

Netflix has been on a roll, bringing us some binge-worthy series (perhaps too many) that we can’t stop talking about. It is safe to say that its coming adaptation of Thirteen Reasons Why, the bestselling young adult novel by author Jay Asher, will be equally as addicting as some of their other book adaptations (Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, for example, which some of us may have watched in less than a weekend). Netflix is in its final stages of negotiating the series and it is set to be produced by Selena Gomez, according to Variety


Thirteen Reasons Why, published in 2007, is the emotional story of a teenage boy named Clay Jenkins whose crush, Hannah Baker, commits suicide. Two weeks later, he mysteriously receives a box of cassettes recorded by Hannah before her death, outlining the thirteen reasons why she ended her life. Thriteen people played a role, including Clay, and he must figure out why he is one of them. Gomez, in her first role as executive producer, is working with her mother, Mandy Teefy, and producer Kristel Laiblin, who produced Children of Men and The Man with the Iron Fist. All women will serve as executive producers.

Left: Mandy Teefy and Selena Gomez (; Right: Kristel Laiblin (

Writer Brian Yorkey, Pulitzer Prize winner and three time Tony Award winner for Next to Normal, has already penned the pilot episode and will continue writing for the series. Production companies Anonymous Content and Paramount TV have taken on the project, alongside Academy Award-winning filmmaker Tom McCarthy (the man behind Spotlight). Deadline reports that McCarthy will also serve as director of at least two episodes and a producer of the series.  

Asher’s novel tackles a devastating, often misunderstood and taboo subject, and looks at it from a number of perspectives. Thirteen Reasons Why is complex and compelling; we expect great, highly emotional things from the series.