These Paper Illustrations Will Immerse You in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s imaginative world in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” has been turned into a series of paper illustrations. Russian paper artist and illustrator, Talamaska, began creating this artwork about two years ago, launching her into the strange, new world of paper cutting.

“There were three things I liked the most,” Talamaska wrote on her blog. “The sharp knife I use, finding secondary meaning in fairytales, and symbolism in illustration.”

Talamaska, a woman named Marina Adamova, debuted five Alice-themed paper works at her first solo exhibition in Moscow. Adamova is captivated by Carroll’s story, and she uses her favorite avenue of artistic expression to show her adoration.

Adamova recently released new pieces for her Alice series that she shared on her blog and viewing them truly feels like entering Wonderland.

cheshire cat

white rabbit

rose garden

mad tea party

queen of hearts

queen of hearts garden

blue cheshire cat

white caterpillar alice in wonderland

All images courtesy of Bored Panda