These Modern Homes for Fairy Tale Characters are Magical

Fairy tales spark our imaginations. It’s why we have so many retellings and adaptations. For illustrator Federico Babina, fairy tales have become the center of his whimsical new project. Babina released Architale, a series of contemporary house designs based off of fairy tale characters, and the results are both modern and nostalgic.

Snow White’s house includes cool apartments for the dwarves!


You could become an actual genie in a bottle in Aladdin’s pad.


The Tin Man gets a special shout out for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz themed house!

And Cinderella’s house is a vision in pink.


You’re always ready for the next adventure in Robin Hood’s tree house!


A tisket, a tasket, Little Red Riding Hood lives in a basket?

You can see the rest of the Architale project on Babina’s website. Tell us what you think about these fairy tale designs! 


All images courtesy of Architale.