These Look-Alike Book Covers Will Have You Seeing Double

Have you ever noticed that a lot of book covers look kind of similar? The team over at freshessays did. Their designers made this awesome infographic full of look-alike covers. They even broke down the major reasons that these book cover clones happen. Check it out below!



We were inspired by the freshessays graphic, so we pulled together a few book cover twins of our own. Some of them are pretty interesting. Here’s what we found:


This leaf stock photo is pretty popular



Fantasy books love swords



When in doubt, stick a sword on it!


Lee Child is a serial offender



“If you’re going to the bookstore, would you mind getting me the new Lee Child book?”

“Sure, what’s it called?”

“I don’t remember the name, but the cover shows a road receding into the distance.”

“Oh, no problem, then!”


Featured Image Via Amazon