These Literary Snow Sculptures Will Warm Your Heart

When it comes to keeping warm in the last few weeks of winter, there’s nothing more we’d like to do than get under a pile of blankets and cozy up with a good read. But the cold weather doesn’t have to be so terrible all the time. Why not make the best of it? These artists certainly did when they transformed the ice and snow into bookish masterpieces.

Here’s Buckbeak, looking majestic. 

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This direwolf gives a whole new meaning to “Winter is coming.”

Image courtesy of The Inn at the Crossroads

 You’re a cold one, Mr. Grinch. 

Image courtesy of Dartmouth College

Speaking of Dr. Seuss, somebody really brought the Lorax to life. 

Image courtesy of idannycdiaz

They’re off to see the Wizard! 

Image courtesy of David Parker

And finally, here’s Snoopy representing how all of us warm-weather-lovers feel about the snow.

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 Featured image courtesy of Dan Purdue