These Imagined Literary Texts Are Hilarious

We’ve all tried to imagine our favorite literary characters in real life, and what’s more real than text messages? There’s no denying that a part of us thinks about how they’d function within our parameters and technology. One thing SparkLife writer, Elodie imagined was…’what if literary romantics could text’? She created a series that exemplified what it would look like if romantic characters were to text each other in this day and age. It’s hilarious.

Take a look!


1) Odysseus / The Odyssey


2) Jay Gatsby / The Great Gatsby 


3) Mr. Rochester / Jane Eyre 


4) Professor Snape / The Harry Potter Series


5) Mr. Darcy / Pride and Prejudice 


6) Romeo / Romeo & Juliet


7) Hamlet / Hamlet


8) Heathcliff / Wuthering Heights

Images courtesy of Sparknotes 

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