These Bookish Pranks Are Actually Hilarious and Totally Do-Able

April Fools Day is… creeping… up in two short days, and it’s time to get your prank plans in formation. You could just wing it, but it’s best to remember the 6 P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Say goodbye to toothpaste pranks of the past. Check out these bookish pranks, instead, courtesy of Barnes and Noble, Huffington Post, and us:

1. Read novels, with outlandish (and fake) book covers, on public transportation.

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We wouldn’t be worth our salt if we didn’t start this article with the quintessential “fake book covers on public transportation” prank. Too great! Make your own and go journey through your city’s preferred travel source. Check out our video of the prank for added inspiration. Brownie points if you bring along a friend to record responses. (Send them in and you may be featured on our site!)


2. Set the scene for one of your FAVORITE novels by scrawling messages on bathroom mirrors. Chamber of Secrets, anyone?!


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Channel your inner Ginny Weasley and warn your friends (or coworkers… if you can get away with that 😉 ) of The Chamber of Secrets. Or, pick your favorite book and get inspired!

3. Change phone contacts to names of literary characters.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Trust us, your friends will want Mr. Darcy texting them to remind them to pick up milk on the way home from work. You can thank us later. (Side Note: Have a backup or keep an idea of what you changed. Don’t want to unnecessarily inconvenience/piss off your friends too much!)

4. In the same vein, go old school with snail mail. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Send your friends a letter or postcard from their favorite (or LEAST favorite) fictional character! Keep it classy, never trashy.


5. “Sign” your friends up for a “Novel A Day” text service.

Remember that trollworthy Cat Meme text prank that went viral awhile ago? Here’s a bookish version, straight from Barnes and Noble, that’s just too great not to share: “Text them passages from a novel from an unknown number. Tell them you signed them up for “A Novel A Day” text messaging service because you know how much they love books. Then say, “Wait ‘til they text you War and Peace! It’s the best day ever!”


6. Tease your pals with “money” bookmarks. 

They’re not real, of course. Steps:

  1. Rip a corner off of a fake piece of money

  2. Glue it onto a troll face

  3. Swap out your friend’s bookmark for your newly-made troll face

  4. ???

  5. PROFIT!!


7. Send your friend an acceptance letter to Ilvermorny.

Image courtesy of Notey

Okay, this one may be a little too harsh. Or just right? The jury’s still out. You decide.


8. Scare your friends with the idea that their favorite books have a higher propensity of causing next level painful papercuts.

Image courtesy of Men’s Health.

For the more innocently gullible amongst us, B&N has another great suggestion: “Tell them certain books are being recalled for having a high potential for paper cuts. Send them a faux-official letter and a fake list of books that “pose a threat to people’s fingertips because they are so engrossing they incite people to turn pages recklessly.”


9. Tell your friend that their favorite series has a new book coming out.

Image courtesy of Elite Readers.

Jury’s still out on this one, too. Could be too harsh, could be perfect. Go for a title like, “Imagination Station,” by “April Fuhls.”

Featured image courtesy of Buzzfeed.