These 9 Kick Ass Female Poets Reading Their Work Aloud Will Astound You

Poetry is almost always written to be read aloud. As beautiful as the words appear on the page, even greater do they seem when actually spoken. They are given a whole new dimension when read by their authors exactly as intended. It can sometimes be surprising to hear where their creator pauses or places emphasis. Hearing poetry read aloud can change its meaning entirely, or offer new perspective. Here are nine amazing female poets reading their work aloud. Enjoy! 


1. Anne Sexton. 



2. Sylvia Plath



3. Warsan Shire.



4. Sharon Olds.



5. Patti Smith.



Also Patti Smith because she’s my favorite. 



6. Adrienne Rich.



7. Paula Meehan



8. Eavan Boland



9. Staceyann Chin.



Featured Image Via Sydney Review of Books