These 7 Amazing Infographics Show Everything You Never Knew About Each Harry Potter Book

Okay, so you’re a Harry Potter addict. A certified Potterhead. You know all there is to know about the Potterverse and everything associated with it. But there may well be a few facts that have escaped your notice. Don’t believe me?


Do you know what the word ‘muggle’ originally meant? How about why the American version has ‘Sorcerer’ in the title, rather than Philosopher? Do you know who was nearly cast as Gilderoy Lockhart, or why Harry, Ron and Hermione ditched their robes in the third film? Do you know how many wands Daniel Radcliffe broke in the making of the Half Blood Prince?


Find out all this and more with these amazing infographics! Each infographic is designed using images from the book it represents, and meticulously details lesser known facts about the books and films. Each one is linked to our Flickr account, allowing your to zoom in and read each section with ease! 


The Philosopher's Stone


The Chamber of Secrets


The Prisoner of Askaban




The Order of Phoenix






The Deathly Hallows