There’s Officially a Graveyard for Your Dead ‘GoT’ Faves

In Sydney, Australian cable company Foxtel has erected a temporary graveyard so that Game of Thrones fans can LITERALLY weep at their faves’ tombstones. Is that extra? Yes. Are we extra obsessed? Also yes.

Game of Thrones is no stranger to playing games with its fans: one tragic piece of merchandise is a Hodor doorstop for the highest possible humor-to-angst ratio imaginable. If that’s too depressing, you could purchase a Khal Drogo thong and take George R.R. Martin to places even he has never imagined: your bedroom, namely. But Foxtel’s graveyard is no game. The graveyard is 2,000 square meters in Sydney’s Centennial Park. Does that sound massive? Well, consider the show’s massive death tally: if you believe unofficial estimates, 174,373 people have died on Game of Thrones so far. There may not be that many gravestones, but there’ll be that many tears.

Let’s check out some of the coolest graves—and yes, they’ll have you dying.

1. House Stark Mausoleum


Stark Family Mausoleum


Thanks to the Red Wedding, you’d honestly need a whole mausoleum to fit all the Starks’ bodies.


2. House Baratheon Mausoleum


House Baratheon Mausoleum


What’s more depressing than a bunch of dead Baratheons? The fact that Stannis and Shireen are cramped together in the same place for all eternity.


3. Ramsay Bolton


Ramsay Bolton's Grave


His gravestone reads: “eaten by dogs,” you know, in case we’d forgotten. Obviously, we haven’t.


4. Joffrey Baratheon


Joffrey Baratheon Grave


If you’re feeling too sad in the rest of the cemetery, come to this grave for a pick-me-up.


5. Tywin Lannister


Tywin Lannister Grave


Listen—Tywin Lannister was an awful father to Tyrion. Fans can still be upset that such a shrewd leader suffered the indignity of being killed by his own son. That is, until we remember this depressingly hilarious fact: the only throne Tywin ever sat on was porcelain.


6. Walder Frey


Walder Frey Grave


If you ever wanted to spit on Walder Frey’s grave, you’ll finally have the chance!


7. Hodor


Hodor Grave


Hold the door? More like HOLD BACK OUR TEARS.

Check out these graves and (many) more at the Game of Thrones graveyard in Sydney, Australia!




All In-Text Images Via Foxtel.
Featured Image Via News 18.