There’s an Illustrated List of Hogwarts Staff Members

Thanks to, a list of the Hogwarts professors from each of Harry Potter‘s seven years have been compiled into an infographic. Complete with their picture and their position, this list is a great reference for us Potter fans. There’s literally no end to the Potter fandom and we’ll be following it as long as we can. It’s both a coming of age tale and a source of our book love. From young to old, Potter fans never cease to come up with various ways to celebrate the series. 

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The company’s blog had this to say: “In this infographic, we look at the most important staff members at Hogwarts from September 1991 through May 1998, the years that Harry Potter attended (or should have attended) the school. With a few exceptions, we show the positions these staff members held at the Start-of-Term Feast held on September First each year.”

How great is this? If you’re ever forgetting a name or a position, head over to this infographic to help you out!



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