There’s a Scientific Name for the Fear of Not Getting Your Hogwarts Letter

It’s no doubt that the Harry Potter series is incredibly popular to people of all ages. However, what may not be as well known is the fear disorder that the hype around the series has caused.



All over the world, new fans are garnered every year. While most of these fans grow up to learn that the entire series is a work of fiction, there are a select few of people who have a serious fear that they will never get their legitimate Hogwarts letter.




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The fear has become so widespread, that it has even claimed its own scientific name. Benkinersophobia is a serious fear that a person will never receive their own personal letter delivered via owl which would direct them to pursue their magical studies at Hogwarts.



Studies show that some children who are die-hard fans of the series develop immense anxiety before their eleventh birthday since they are hoping and waiting for their letter to come. For a child who truly believes in the world J. K. Rowling created, if they do not receive their letter, the child may fall into the depths of despair until they realize what is real and what isn’t. It just goes to show that for some, the pursuit of magical knowledge is indeed a very serious topic of discussion.




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