TheReadingRoom partners with Bookworld to provide a first class retail solution

TheReadingRoom enters an exclusive retail partnership with Bookworld

TheReadingRoom announced today that it has entered into an exclusive retail partnership with Bookworld in a bid to provide its members with a viable option for those wishing to purchase books at competitive prices and with free shipping. Launched this week, the retail partnership will extend Bookworld’s discounted Citizen prices to TheReadingRoom members, while also providing free shipping on every order and exclusive deals each month. TheReadingRoom is one of the fastest growing book-centric social discovery platforms in the world and is focussed on growing its extensive Australian member base. Until recently TheReadingRoom offered a range of local affiliate retailers to provide an end-to-end solution for its members to discover, share and discuss books. However, members wanted a more integrated offering across the site, with prices and free shipping to match that of offshore competitors. ‘It’s important to provide Australians with a local solution,’ says CEO of TheReadingRoom Kim Anderson, ‘but it had to be competitive in user experience and price. Bookworld could offer that solution and was prepared to work hand in hand with us to integrate solutions. We have a highly engaged audience and often the books they are looking for are published locally, so we will now be in a position to supply them quickly.’ CEO of Bookworld James Webber says ‘Bookworld is delighted to be partnering with TheReadingRoom and is proud to be able to offer their members the largest range of titles of any Australian online retailer, competitive prices and free shipping, all of which provides Australians a real viable alternative to sourcing their books from overseas. Together we put local publishers, authors and readers first and foremost and as such this partnership has great synergies.’ Webber says, ‘TheReadingRoom is a fantastic destination of discovery and recommendation for Australian readers and Bookworld provides a first class retail solution to complement that and ensure their members can acquire their beloved books cheaply and quickly.’