TheReadingRoom Best of 2013 Awards

In a recent interview with TheReadingRoom, Margaret Atwood said, “We stick labels on things to help us to define them and to arrange them in bookstores, but any good book escapes its labels.” In December last year, TheReadingRoom took a leaf out of Attwood’s book and created a selection of “Best of 2013” reads that defied genre and focused on story, and which also took into account the number of times a book appeared on bookshelves, its average rating, favorable reviews, and of course the buzz it created in social media channels. The result was a list of 30 great books in five categories:

  1. The Most Dazzling Debut
  2. The Most Memorable Love Story
  3. The Ultimate Thriller
  4. The Best YA Novel
  5. The Novel that Most Deserved an Award

TheReadingRoom members then voted on their favorites. See the results below by country or at a global level:

Best Books - All Congratulations to all the winning authors, and a big thank you to TheReadingRoom community for voting.