TheReadingRoom announces 40% off The New York Times print bestsellers

NEW YORK, February 14, 2014 – As part of its ongoing push to redefine the ‘independent bookseller’ space online, one of the fastest growing book-centric social discovery platforms in the world, TheReadingRoom is now offering its members a 40 percent discount on all print versions of The New York Times bestsellers displayed on the site, reinforcing TheReadingRoom’s position as the independent destination for discovering and buying books.

TheReadingRoom combines the power of social networking, carefully curated content, recommendations and featured selections with the ability to buy eBooks and print titles. Readers can discover new authors and titles from people they know and trust without there being a vested interest in either publishing or inventory management. The platform’s combination of both social media tools and curatorial expertise help readers discover new titles.

Finding your next book to read can be quite challenging online.  Indeed, locating a trusted provider is equally as important as having access to personal recommendations. 

“A combination of both in one platform is doubly powerful,” said Kim Anderson, CEO of TheReadingRoom.  

“That’s why TheReadingRoom brings together of the expertise of The New York Times, with the views of people you know and trust, alongside overall ratings from the community.”

Fast approaching a million members and growing rapidly, TheReadingRoom is helping fill the void left by the local bookstore.

“Discovery of new titles and authors is an important part of the book lover’s online journey,” said Anderson. “It is a combination of the ability to search, browse, to see what friends are reading, what the critics say, and how the community views a particular title, including the number of bookshelves on which it appears.” TheReadingRoom allows you to do all the above as well as browse featured bookshelves, award winners,  bestseller lists, members’ bookshelves, along with following members and authors so you don’t miss a thing.