There Is an Irish Marvel Superhero Whose Superpower Is Literally ‘Luck of the Irish’

I learned something distressing as I scrolled on popular social networking site this afternoon. Well, most of what I learn from Twitter is generally distressing on some level, but this nugget of information was particularly bad.


The information is as follows:


There exists in this world of ours, a Marvel-created Irish superhero. That in itself is not distressing. I am, of course, all for the representation of my oft-ridiculed people. However, this superhero is named Shamrock, and really there’s no coming back from that. Of course there is no attempt to thereafter steer clear of Irish stereotypes.


Shamrock’s name is Molly Fitzgerald, she has red hair, a bright green shamrock themed costume, a father deeply involved in Irish nationalist terrorist movement the Irish Republican Army, (think of them as you sip on your Irish Carbomb cocktails…) and her superpower is, to put it quite simply, the Luck of the Irish. She hails from Dunshaughlin, pronounced ‘Dun-shock-lin’, a town in County Meath, just outside Dublin, which I can only assume the creators chose because it sounds, like, really, really Irish.


Shamrock continues absolutely milking those Irish stereotypes by serving “as a vessel for displaced poltergeists and souls that have died as innocent victims of war; these spirits manifest themselves for fractions of seconds to cause good luck for her and bad luck for those who oppose her..” Begorah! 


Amusingly, a further Twitter user pointed out that the ‘Reception’ section of her relatively sparse Wikipedia page reads: 


Screen Rant ranked Shamrock as one of the superheroes that Marvel wants you to forget.


Comic Book Resources placed her as one of the superheroes Marvel wants you to forget.


I cannot say that Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources are wrong. Thrill to the original bearer of the bad news below: 



I have to say, my stomach did noticeably unclench once I made it to the end of the Wikipedia entry without a single mention of potatoes or Guinness. Today, I am thankful for small blessings. 


Featured Image Via Looper.